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- Chang Hong
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Changhong PVC Coated Wire Products Co.

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Changhong PVC Coated Wire Products Co. is a professional manufacturer. We have been focusing on pvc coated galvanized wire and mesh products.

We supply color coated steel wires as well as meshes, including: PVC coated wires, PVC coated meshes welded, chain link fences, wire mesh fences, gabions and chicken wire.

Our Products include: Powder Coated Tie WirePVC Coated Barbed WireSpiral Wire and Tomato CagesMaterials: Galvanised WireMaterials: Annealed WireWelded MeshHexagonal Mesh and GabionsChicken Wire MeshChainlink FenceCurved Wire FenceHardware Cloth and Polyester Mesh.

We have established long term business relationship with importers / wholesalers / contractors in USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and some other countries.

Changhong PVC Coated Wire Products Co.

Add: Xiafei Road No. 384, Yin Wang District, Dezhou, Shandong, China

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